Looking back a few years, gluten-free products were virtually unheard of! Now it is difficult not to see gluten-free offerings dominating the market. The gluten-free trend has crept out from the shelves of the corner health food store and into the pantries of the everyday consumer.

But what is the fuss about gluten? It seems prior to the wrath of the trend, many had never heard of the term. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley or any of its hybrids. In baking, gluten is the binding agent within flour that prevents the baked good from crumbling. Therefore, it is quite essential within the baking industry!

Thus, while some worried about the technical challenges surrounding the gluten-free trend, Embassy seized the opportunity! We worked tirelessly to create a unique flour technology that would function like its wheat based cousin. The greatest challenge with gluten-free bakery products is ensuring the taste and texture are up to par. At Embassy, we task you to spot the difference between our gluten-free products and our regular product line! Our R&D Technicians have risen to the gluten-free challenge and created a product that is unmatched to anything on the market. Whether you fancy an olive oil focaccia, a savory bacon and cheese quiche muffin, or a lemon-coconut loaf, our fusion of bakery and flavour capabilities will satisfy any craving. The only question left is—when are you going gluten-free?