Clean Label Products

Clean label is more than a trend, it’s a movement. Our clean label solutions focus on natural and simplified ingredients that deliver the memorable food experiences customers demand.


Why Clean Label Matters

If consumers demand it, we create it. Our quality flavors, bakery mixes, and bases are made from the highest quality ingredients, with the end consumer in mind. We keep ingredient declarations simple, clean and short, using ingredients your customers can pronounce.

Embassy’s Clean Label Spectrum

CL Conscious
Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, No Preservatives
CL Pure
CL Conscious + No Modified Ingredients
CL Whole
Whole Foods Compliant List (which includes Non-GMO ingredients)
CL Complete
All-Encompassing List Combining Major Clean Label Retailer Standards

Clean-Label Compatible Products

All of our Bakery mixes, bases and functional ingredients are clean label compatible.
Our products are available with Gluten-Free, Clean Label and Vegan Options


If you are interested in working with Embassy, have questions, or would like to request a sample, please contact us.